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About me
"Take the best that exists and make it better."
Henry Royce
Art has always been my passion. During high school I developed an interest in graphic design, wich I deepened while attending the graphic academy. Everything I learned there allowed me to enter the job market.
My Skills
Adobe Creative Suite -
8 years experience
HTML 5 & CSS 3 -
3 years experience
Cinema 4D -
3 years experience
Sketch -
2 years experience
Cubase -
2 years experience
Happy Clients
Project Completed
Years of Creativity
Cups of Tea
Draw Lover
Drawing has always been a passion of mine taking up my free time and my projects.
Amatorial PH
Capturing landscapes, details and textures is a hobby wich characterizes all my trips.
Light Designer
The light creates artistic works that blend together in a modern environment.
PS4 Gamer
Adventure stories, like Uncharted and Assassin's Creed, distinguish my ideal type of game.